ObesitySsurgery Goa

Dr Abhay Khadke, Laparoscopic Surgeon explains about Bariatric Surgery

Following are the Topics discussed in the Video

  1. What is Obesity & How to quantify it?
  2. How does Obesity affect people?
  3. How is diabetics and obesity related and how that effects one’s health?
  4. What’s the magnitude of Obesity as a problem ?
  5. What are different ways/procedures of treating Obesity?
  6. What kind of diet do you recommend for Obesity?
  7. What kind of exercises are good for obesity?
  8. People try diet and exercise and loose weight but gain weight again. How / why?
  9. Are there any drugs to loose weight? What are they?
  10. What is the key difference between obesity surgery and liposuction?
  11. What are the different types of Surgeries related to Obesity?
  12. What is Sleeve Gastrectomy and Gastric bypass surgeries?
  13. What are the risks/complications and advantages involved in obesity surgeries?
  14. What’ the duration or days that a patient should spend at Hospital during Obesity surgery?
  15. What are Pre-Op and Post-Op diet to be followed after Bariatric Surgery?